As a Navy brat, Sarah wound up in Southern Maryland nearly 25 years ago and has lived there ever since. The area became a source of endless fascination as she noticed the contrast between arts and technology, future and history, air and sea – and fed her growing interest in exploring the hidden connections between people, information, and ideas.

This passion ultimately led her to a BFA in Graphic Design and MA in Communication, and a career in creative and strategic communication.

For over 17 years as a designer, writer, and communications manager, Sarah has provided her clients with communications and creative expertise to educate, inform, and connect people.

After a brief period working toward a state teacher certification, Sarah discovered that although she enjoys helping others tap into their creative potential, classroom teaching wasn’t the right path.

In 2014, Sarah joined the The Glow Effect community and has since graduated from TGE’s ASPIRE and LEAD programs. Ever since, she’s been helping friends, family, and anyone who gets in her way get more inspired, motivated, and creative with their lives.

Email Sarah: getcreative@sarahehman.com